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Looking at Learning ... Again, Part 2

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What Is a Pattern?

Part 2 — Defining a Pattern

  • Using the images below and the following pattern words, try to expand your definition of a pattern.

The following pattern words might help you to expand your definition:

  • spiral: coiling around a center
  • radial: spreading straight out from a center point
  • symmetrical: identical shapes on either side of a line or around a central point
  • motif: a shape repeated again and again to make a pattern
  • concentric: shapes having the same center
  • branching: sections of the pattern get smaller as they come from a central structure

These operations can be applied to a design element to produce a pattern:

  • slide: translation to another location
  • flipped: mirror image
  • turn: a rotation about a point inside or outside of the original design element

Share your updated definitions and comments on the discussion board.



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