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Learning Polls -- Professional Development

Participating in professional development is one strategy for meeting the changing demands of teaching. To help us better serve you, we would like to hear what you think about professional development. Please take a few moments to reflect on your own thoughts and experiences by answering the following poll questions.

1. How do you prefer to participate in professional development activities?

on my own
in collaboration with local teachers from my own school district
in collaboration with teachers from other school districts or states


2. When do you prefer to participate in professional development activities?

after school
on weekends
in the summer

For each pair of phrases choose the one that best completes the sentence.

3. I prefer to participate in professional development that is:

concentrated all at once (e.g., a single all-day workshop)
extended over time (e.g., one hour per week over eight weeks)

with teachers who teach the same grade level as me
with teachers who teach across a range of grade levels

about topics in the main subject area of my teaching assignment
about topics across subjects

4. What issues are you interested in learning about? Rate your interest below (1 = not interested; 5 = very interested).


not interested

2 3 4

very interested

mathematics content
science content
assessment strategies
integrating technology into the classroom
implementing mandated curriculum or performance standards
new teaching methods
classroom management strategies
local education issues

prominent national educational issues
strategies for communicating with parents/community about education reform
strategies for communicating with administration about education reform

5. Which statement most accurately describes your attitude about/experience with professional development through online distance learning?

I wouldn't consider it.
I would consider it.
I would definitely participate.




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