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Learning Poll Results -- The Moon

Below are the total number of responses for each question. What conclusions can you draw?

1. On any given date, is the phase of the Moon the same in the northern and southern hemisphere?
Yes 58
No 55
Not sure 11

2. Imagine you went outside yesterday at 8 pm and viewed the Moon in the position and the shape (phase) shown below. If you were to go outside two days later at approximately 8 pm, what would you observe?

a. The Moon's shape would appear:

Larger (closer to the shape of a full moon) 58
Smaller (closer to the shape of a new moon) 48
The same 5
Not sure 16

b. The Moon's position would be located in:

The same place 9
More toward the west 48
More toward the east 49
Not sure 21

3. Which of these represents the correct order of the Moon's phases in the northern hemisphere?

Picture Set 1

Picture Set 2

Picture Set 1 49
Picture Set 2 61
Neither 6
Not sure 12

4. Does the Moon rotate (spin) as it orbits the Earth?

Yes 77
No 45
Not sure 5

Wondering what's correct? In the spirit of LOOKING AT LEARNING ... AGAIN, we're asking you to discover the answers through collaboration. Go to the Talk to Teachers area to share your answers, ideas, and questions about the Moon, and to share your experiences learning about it. Or take the next poll.



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