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Looking at Learning ... Again


Tune in to the Moon

Moon Journal --
Suggested Questions

Workshop 1 Workshop 5
Workshop 2 Workshop 6
Workshop 3 Workshop 7
Workshop 4

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Workshop 1

We encourage you to get started on your Moon observations right away so that you can collect as much data as possible over the course of this workshop series. Instructions for the Moon Journal activity can be found here.

Here's a possible way to get started on your first Moon Journal entry:

Recall the Moon Chart you made with your colleagues at the start of Workshop 1. Select one of the questions that were posed during the discussion, and respond to it. Do you have any initial ideas about the answer to your question?

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Workshop 2

Here are more suggestions for your Moon Journal:

  • Does the appearance of the Moon change over time?
  • Does its size change?
  • Its shape?
  • Its color?

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Workshop 3

Here are more suggestions for your Moon Journal:

  • Does the Moon's position change over time?
  • If you want to record the Moon's exact position in the sky in your journal, what information do you need?
  • Where do you predict the Moon will be positioned in the sky tomorrow night during your regular observing time? One week from now?

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Workshop 4

Here is something interesting to think about:

  • Observe the position of the Sun with respect to the Moon in the sky. Does the angle between the Sun and the Moon increase, decrease, or stay the same over your observation period?

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Workshop 5

You might want to reflect on the following in your Moon Journal:

  • Why does the Moon appear to shine?
  • Why does the Moon appear to change its shape?
  • Is there an order to the Moon's phases? If so, can you determine the order?

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Workshop 6

You might want to take some time to look at the features on the surface of the Moon and consider the following questions:

  • Does the Moon's behavior affect our perspective of the features on the Moon?
  • Do features appear to "move across" the Moon from observation day to observation day?
  • Does the Moon's behavior affect the visibility of features we can see on the Moon?

Here are more suggestions for reflecting on your own learning:

  • What methods have you been using to make sense of your Moon observations?
  • Have you noticed any patterns in your learning behavior that you use in this kind of learning situation?


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Workshop 7

You might want to think about the following:

  • In what direction (north, south, east, west) does the Moon rise?
  • In what direction does the Moon set?
  • When does the Moon rise and set? Does it set earlier, later, or at the same time from one night to the next?

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