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Support Materials

The support materials for LOOKING AT LEARNING ... AGAIN are available here as Web pages and as PDF files. To read the PDF versions, you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free for download.

The support materials for this workshop series contain an appendix of articles and excerpted chapters written by the featured guests. Due to copyright concerns, only some of these articles are available on our Web site. The available articles are in PDF format. A bibliography of all the articles is available as well. All other portions of the support materials are included below.

Front Matter -- Contains an overview, instructions and guidelines for the series, as well as biographies and other useful information.

Workshop 1 -- The Many Faces of Learning

Workshop 2 -- Intellectual Development

Workshop 3 -- Conceptual Thinking

Workshop 4 -- Inquiry

Workshop 5 -- Idea-Making

Workshop 6 -- The Mind's Intelligences

Workshop 7 -- Design, Construction, and Technology

Workshop 8 -- The International Picture

Further Readings -- Additional Resources from the featured guests.

Appendix of Readings -- Bibliography and PDF versions of select readings.


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