Chorus and Other Ensembles

Additional video clips

“Autumn Roundelay”

At Glacier Valley Elementary in Juneau, Alaska, Lorrie Heagy uses levels to motivate fourth-grade students learning to sing the Finnish folk song “Autumn Roundelay.”
PDF video transcript: “Autumn Roundelay”


World music drumming workshops

This video includes highlights from World Music Drumming workshops offered at sites throughout the U.S. Video courtesy of Lorrie Heagy.
PDF video transcript: World music drumming workshops


Michael Blakeslee on exploring multiple genres of music

Michael Blakeslee, deputy executive director/COO, National Association for Music Education, comments on use of familiar strategies in Sistema-inspired programs to address the core music standard of performance and building community.

PDF video transcript: Michael Blakeslee on exploring multiple genres of music


Erik Holmgren on Venezuelan ensembles

Erik Holmgren, former director of the Sistema Fellows Program at the New England Conservatory, discusses the variety of ensembles in which Venezuelans play different kinds of music through El Sistema.
PDF video transcript: Erik Holmgren on Venezuelan ensembles


Aisha Bowden on performance

Aisha Bowden, co-founder and director of AMPlify, discusses how regular performances by El Sistema students in Venezuela inspired her to provide her students with similar opportunities.
PDF video transcript: Aisha Bowden on performance