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In Search of the Novel:Teacher-TalkNovel

Subject: RE: Frustration

From: Stimson, Linda (LStimson@ed.state.nh.us)
Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 15:28:47 EDT

                New Hampshire Public television has been taping the series
and mailing the tapes to us. The participants view the tapes individually
or together...we pass them along prior to our meeting. We meet to discuss
and share our notes.
                Linda Stimson
                English/Language Arts Consultant
                NH Department of Education
                101 Pleasant St
                Concord, NH 03301

                                -----Original Message-----
                                From: Judy Delain
                                Sent: Wednesday, April 19, 2000 3:09 PM
                                To: Multiple recipients of list
                                Subject: Re: Frustration

                        Here in Wisconsin the programs have come across fine
- if we can remember to tape them! We are doing the same approach only
there are only two of us. Hope things improve for you or you might need to
get an extension from Colorado U. Judy

>>> jkeith@ccsd.k12.wy.us 04/18/00 04:47PM >>>
                        Several of us have been taking the "In Search of the
Novel" class. I have
                        been taping them, then we view the videos after
school when we can all get
                        together. We have had some real problems with it
out here in Gillette,
                        Wyoming. Many times, the voice is not in sync with
the mouth (that's real
                        fun!). For Class 4, we were only able to get half
of it (the first half).
                         I was ready to tape Class 8 yesterday, but the
class wasn't picked up at
                        all from the satellite. I'm hoping it's working
Wednesday. If it isn't,
                        we will NEVER get to finish the class.

                        Is it just because we live in Wyoming with the
antelope and sage brush
                        that we're experiencing this problem?


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