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In Search of the Novel:Teacher-TalkNovel


From: aprillyn@bonduel.k12.wi.us
Date: Tue Apr 11 2000 - 17:02:01 EDT

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    I wrote this earlier this morning, but I don't think it "took". Anyway, in response to Cindy's questions about contemporary literature, when I started teaching Creative Writing I inherited a book list of biographies and autobiographies that were supposed to be "good writing", but which I had never read. It was really difficult to encourage the students to read when I had no idea if they were good books or not. I dumped the list and came up with my own, based on reading I've done in the last five years as part of a book club. Most of the titles are contemporary fiction, and we discuss beforehand the content and "adult situations". The students really enjoyed these titles, and we could have a dialogue during the quarter about where they were in the book and what they enjoyed so far. I even had parents wanting to borrow the books after their students were done with them! Some titles on my list include A Prayer for Owen Meany, Angela's Ashes, Patty Jane's House of Curl, Ston!
    es from the River, The Deep End of the Ocean, Montana 1948.

    Lynn Aprill

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