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In Search of the Novel:Teacher-TalkNovel

Subject: potential course projects

From: Cindy O'Donnell-Allen (cindyoa@lamar.colostate.edu)
Date: Mon Apr 10 2000 - 16:35:39 EDT

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Hi, all,

Cheryl's message reminds me that she's planning to adapt some of the ideas
she's seen in the In Search of the Novel series for use in a group Hyperstudio
where students will encourage their classmates to read a book they chose during
a free-choice novel unit. Doesn't that sound exciting?

Since people are already volunteering lots of classroom ideas, I think that a
good use of this listserve space for those of you who are taking the course for
college credit would be to bounce project ideas off of one another as well.
That way, you can take advantage of the group's feedback before you actually
submit your project, and I (as Instructor of Record) won't be the only audience
for what I'm sure will be some innovative teaching approaches.

- Cindy

"Cheryl A. Schober" wrote:

> Sukatunkb@aol.com writes:
> >I'd like to hear more about this. I do something similar. I just wonder
> >whether my students would zip through the book to get to the project
> >which
> >essentially means they have some social time in class to work with others.
> Rarely do I see "social time" or extra talking taking place since the
> students know they have to do a lot with the HyperStudio project. They
> don't have any time to fool around. In fact, most groups have to meet
> before or after school or even during study halls to get the project the
> way they want it by the due date.
> --Cheryl

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