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Subject: Re: Question

From: Sue_Dessert@scps.k12.fl.us
Date: Thu Mar 23 2000 - 10:48:11 EST

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I have to let you all in on a great teacher book...Adolescent Literature=
 as a
Complement to the Classics, Vol One and Two. Edited by Joan F.
Kaywell,Christopher-Gordon Publishers, Inc, Norwood, Maine ISBn 0-92684=
1995. These books REALLY connect current, vibrant, adolescent literatur=
e with=20
the canon of classics. Each chapter is thematic, associating at least o=
classic to a multitude of "new stuff" and activities. Example: Explorin=
g the
Horror Within: Themes of the duality of Humanity in Frankenstein and Te=
Related Y.A. novels (True confessions of Charlotte Doyle-Avi, Mary
Reilly-Martin, Wolf by the Ears-Rinaldi, Eva-Dickinson, The Giver-Lowry,=
of Stairs-Sleator, Strange Objects-Crew, Shoebag-James, We All Fall
Down-Cormier, Frank and Stein and Me-Platt. TRY IT, YOU'LL LIKE IT!! M=
teachers love it. Sue Dessert, Seminole County, Florida

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