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Teacher-TalkInquiry is the email discussion list for Learning Science Through Inquiry. Participants in the workshops, content guides, and Channel staff will participate in this discussion list throughout the broadcast of the workshop series.

Use this space as an area to share information and pose questions about the workshop series, get to know your colleagues, as well as ask questions about technical and access issues.

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[Teacher-talkinquiry] Workshop 1

From: hilary penner <hilary.penner_at_gmail.com_at_learner.org>
Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2016 17:16:23 -0600

Workshop 1. What is Inquiry and why do it?

Introduction: My Name is Hilary and I teach 7th and 8th grade science in
Colorado. Last year was my first year teaching. I taught 6th grade. I was
at a school that was changing into inquiry based for science. I had great
mentors and I was feeling like I was getting it. Then I moved schools and
had to prep for two grades and so I had to rely on what other teachers
would give me materials so that I could survive. They did
packets=worksheets. It was awful and boring. For both myself and my
students. I was able to do several inquiry based labs with my 7th graders
(as I was more familiar with the content - Life science). I am taking this
class so that I can get started again for next year and keep going!

What does inquiry mean to me? I believe that inquiry is the process of
discovering, observing, and asking questions. In a classroom it looks
different to what many people are used to as a teacher lecturing and
students taking notes. I see it as the teacher guideing the students into
discovering, observing, and asking questions on their own and with each

What I would expect to see in an Inquiry Classroom (Before watching video)

What the Teacher is Doing

What the Student is Doing

Listening to students


Asking questions


More facilitating than direct instruction

Taking data or notes in notebook/journal

Evaluating student ideas

Asking each other questions

Guiding students and group work


Listening to others
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