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[Teacher-talkhswriters] Index cards

From: <mstever_at_pm.noacsc.org>
Date: Tue, 10 May 2011 12:57:31 -0400 (EDT)

--Kathy, I've used colored cards for many purposes over the years, but
using them to help organize parts of an essay is one that works well for
some students. One advantage is that a student can write on the cards,
then arrange and rearrange without having to rewrite everything. He can
even replace a card that doesn't seem to fit the topic and start over.

Small cards, 3 x 5", are ok, but 4 x 6" are a little better. Once a
student has a topic and an idea of what to cover, he can write one main
idea on each card. Then he can brainstorm ideas on the back of each card
before choosing three or more details to use.

After checking out THe Bing, The Bang and The Bongo, I believe it would be
helpful to use the COLORS to organize main points. After writing the
three main idea paragraphs and determining their order, students can match
colors in the intro. "I am going to write about (green), (orange) and
I've always used numbers--main idea one,....

For a longer writing, students could use 5 x 8" cards for the main idea
and the smaller ones in matching colors--one card for each detail.

Now, that's pretty well simplified, and is certainly nothing more than a
formula, but mirroring those words helps some students get started. And
yes, they do move on to using their own words.

Marelese Stever, Instructor
ABLE/GED Program
Putnam County ESC
124 Putnam Parkway
Ottawa, OH 45875

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