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Lori Mayo
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[Teacher-talkhswriters] Applications for first few lessons

From: <mstever_at_pm.noacsc.org>
Date: Thu, 5 May 2011 14:47:31 -0400 (EDT)

Unit 1: My plan for teaching writing usually began with TABE test scores
and the diagnostic forms that go with it. I could plot who missed what
and use that as a general starting point for grammar and punctuation.

For essays, I have a model which students can use to fill in the blanks.
For example,

"Today I will write about _______ and will cover these three main points:
1)____________, 2)___________, and 3)_____________." Students who are
comfortable with writing could use their own style. This just gave
students an opportunity to plan their writing and to get something on
paper. Gradually they were weaned from the form. I always write a sample
intro on the board using the form as well as one more sophisticated.

We also discuss why we write an essay, identify the audience, identify the
style of writing we should use (my eyes only, casual friendly, formal),
setup that's appropriate. I seldom say anything about length,
punctuation, spelling until students have some writing under their belt
except when there are questions.

Next school year, my plans will be much more specific and detailed. I
have several ideas from this program as well as other sources that I will
try to incorporate. My first step is a little more research, trimming it
down to a usable amount, and following that schedule.

I will continue using colored index cards (an idea given to me by a
Vantage teacher about 20 years ago), will use special paper for essays,
will be consistent about reviewing students' work, will devise a system
for publishing those essays in house. I purchased paper at Ollie's that
is colored just down the side or the top. That will be a visual signal of
the importance of writing. I will also write with students whenever I ask
them to write. Never did this, although I used to read when we read as a

Marelese Stever, Instructor
Putnam County Educational
  Service Center
Ottawa, OH 45875

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