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"I know a lot of teachers feel isolated in their buildings. Online discussion groups can help them overcome that seclusion."

- Lori Mayo
Lori Mayo
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[Teacher-talkhswriters] Unit 8

From: <mstever_at_pm.noacsc.org>
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2011 15:09:11 -0400 (EDT)

--I enjoy doing research with the computer and create databases and
spreadsheets--but don't feel confident or competent teaching a lesson. At
this point, one student has a computer in his home but tells his wife what
he wants and she does the work. Another student sometimes goes to his
local library to look up information. No one keyboards, only 2 have
turned on a computer.

We have completed two projects over the last couple of months and two
students used our classroom computer to search for information. Neither
had used a computer but asked for information. Well, I wasn't able to
teach them how to find a site, so just pulled up the info they needed.
Next time I need to be certain students have some prior knowledge before
letting them search. Live and learn.

The first project was planning a 2-3 day trip using a map, grocery ads for
cost of provisions, atlas, various sources for entertainment or
sight-seeing activities. They wrote paragraphs, made lists of necessary
items or places to visit, used a ruler or chart to figure mileage and
calculated cost of gas, provisions, lodging, entertainment. And one
student added "I whant by cup for mom."

The second project involved revamping an old Even Start student handbook
to use for GED/ESOL students. We brainstormed to learn what new folks
just in the door might want to know about GED class, grouped or classified
items, removed inappropriate info from the original, incorporated new info
into the original, and changed order of presentation. The next step will
be for me to write it out, share with other staff members for revision,
and then give to Leah for her students to edit. Final step will be formal

Although my students aren't computer savvy, all but one have cell phones.
My next project will be to teach/learn texting skills. I say "learn"
because it hurts to misspell or not use caps or omit punctuation (I can do
those things, but it's too time consuming). These students have been
together for a while, know each other pretty well, and have fun together.
I think texting each other will be very interesting.

Marelese Stever, Instructor
ABLE/GED Program
Putnam County Educational
  Service Center
124 Putnam Parkway
Ottawa, OH 45875

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