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Lori Mayo
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[Teacher-talkhswriters] Workshop 6

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Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2011 17:52:42 -0500 (EST)
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I just completed a lesson with the new group on the business letter. First, we looked at the format and how it was punctuated, and then we looked at several examples of cover letters. Students used highlighters to highlight specific punctuation or unique features of a business letter. Then, I asked them to write a cover letter. As a class, we decided that everyone would write a letter to my coordinator, using our programs address for practice. They could apply for any position that is available in our program. Some wanted to be a teacher, others an educational assistant, while others wanted to be the principal. I told them it was their choice. They all worked very hard on their letters.
This is a lesson I have done before with just a few modifications. However, this time I individually conferenced with each student, introducing them to a rubric designed to evaluate a business letter. We looked at how this rubric was set up and how it would be used in evaluating their writing. Then, we looked over their letter together marking any changes that could be made to improve their writing. The student or I could offer suggestions or mark any errors that were spotted. We then determined where we, as a team, thought they had scored on each area of the rubric.
I did not hear any negative comments about using the rubric to evaluate their writing. I did not hear any negative comments about individually conferencing with them about their writing. All I heard was how easy it was for them to determine where they fit on the rubric after discussing their writing. Yes, it took some time, but a worthwhile experience. I can’t wait to see their next letters.

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