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Lori Mayo
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[Teacher-talkhswriters] holistic or analytical

From: Linda W. <blewd_at_neo.rr.com>
Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2011 14:31:07 -0500
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I think I use a very informal combination of both styles. At the top of a student’s paper, I usually try to write a positive comment like “on topic.” Beside the paragraphs I might write, “good details,” or "good vocabulary.” Sometimes I write, “add examples.” If a word is misspelled, I write it correctly, so they will know the correct spelling the next time they use that word. I usually try to point out fragments. I do not usually give a number grade. This has been my process. So I will try to use more specific rubrics, and I do need to have my students evaluate their own work.

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