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- Lori Mayo
Lori Mayo
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[Channel-talkhswriters] Workshop 4 Video Discussion

From: Janie Slater <janieloveslife@hotmail.com>
Date: Wed Jun 22 2005 - 23:16:13 EDT
I have not yet taught school, but I am excited about helping students understand the concept of writing for different purposes. Kids in high school believe (and rightly so most of the time) that their one and only audience is their teacher. And occasionally their peers and their parents. But to open up the world of genres and purposes to these student writers is very exciting. I can envision encouraging the students to write, at least once a month, a "real world" piece of writing...something that is going "out there" to a larger audience. One month an editorial to a chosen local, state, or national paper. One month a study of magazine articles and a piece from query to article to submission. One month enter a poetry or creative writing contest--print or online. The opportunities are endless. One a month is nine full-blown opportunities each year to develop student writers by doing "real" writing. (The opportunity is there for more, of course.) And truly, the concept can be taught and simulated or "staged" with multiple kinds of lessons throughout the year and still feel "real."

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