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The Art of  
A Workshop for High School Teachers
the Arts

In This Program


A sign language teacher teaches signs to dancers

Visual Art

A visual art teacher talks with a student about his sculpture


Theatre teacher listens to a group of students planning a scene


Vocal music student singing, accompanied by her teacher

Workshop 6 Fostering Genuine Communication

Activities and Discussion Additional Resources Support Materials

Watching the Program (60 minutes)

The information sheets below provide helpful background on the classrooms, programs, and schools featured in each segment:

Segment 1: Dance (PDF)
Segment 2: Visual Art (PDF)
Segment 3: Theatre (PDF)
Segment 4: Music (PDF)

Consider the following questions as you watch the program. You may stop the video after each segment to discuss the questions with your colleagues.

DANCE Mary Harding and Jennifer Rice Brandt Improvising from Poetry and Sign Language

VISUAL ART Jan Wilson Commercial Design Class

THEATRE John Fredricksen Directing Fables

MUSIC Janice Hunton Descriptive Praise


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