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The Art of  
A Workshop for High School Teachers
the Arts

In This Program


Music teacher coaches a small ensemble


A theatre history student makes a presentation to her class

Visual Art

Visual art teacher questions a student about his work


A dance teacher with two students in motion

Workshop 4 Choosing Instructional Approaches

Activities and Discussion Additional Resources Support Materials

Watching the Program (60 minutes)

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The information sheets below provide helpful background on the schools, arts programs, and individual classes featured in each segment:

Segment 1: Music (PDF)
Segment 2: Theatre (PDF)
Segment 3: Visual Art (PDF)
Segment 4: Dance (PDF)

Consider the following questions as you watch the program. You may stop the video after each segment to discuss the questions with your colleagues.

MUSIC Janice Hunton Ear-Training/Ensemble/Choir

THEATRE Joseph Mancuso Theatre History

VISUAL ART Dale Zheutlin Face Project

DANCE Mary Harding and Tom Kanthak Improvisation




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