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Teaching Geography: Workshop 4

North Africa/Southwest Asia

Programs and Activities: Part 2. Egypt

Getting Ready 2 (15 minutes)

Pyramids of the Future

Site Leader: This activity involves analyzing population pyramids. Please make sure that everyone has a copy of the pyramids below for this exercise. (You can print them here.) Begin with five minutes of individual work and then open things up to group discussion for the remaining time.

Working individually, analyze the Egypt population pyramids for the years 2000, 2025, and 2050, and then consider these questions:

  • What do these graphs tell you?
  • What other information do you need to know in order to determine what these trends mean for the country in question?
  • How might you explain how to interpret population pyramids in your classroom?

Use the remaining ten minutes to discuss these population pyramids as a group. Keep the questions and your answers in mind as you watch the video program.

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