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Teaching Geography: Workshop 1


Programs and Activities: Part 2. NASA

Going Further 2 (15 minutes)

Skill Builder

Site Leader: This activity is in two parts and requires participants to work with a partner in the second part. Please make sure that everyone has a partner before beginning the activity. Help participants keep track of the time.

Introduce the activity: "Think of one of your lesson plans. How does it relate to the five geographic skills? Take five to seven minutes to break your lesson down according to the five geographic skills. Does your lesson include all of the skills? Does it have a focused inquiry question? What kinds of geographic information does your lesson use? Are there any methods of acquiring information, organizing information, or presenting analysis that you saw in the case study or classroom segments that might work as well as or better than your current methods? What was one idea that you saw presented that you'd like to try?

Spend the remaining time discussing your lesson with a partner.

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