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Teaching Geography: Workshop 1


Programs and Activities: Part 2. NASA

Getting Ready 2 (15 minutes)

Lost in Space

Site Leader: Please make sure that each group of three participants has a set of satellite images to identify. (Click here for printing instructions and a key to the images.) Please help participants keep track of the time.

Introduce the activity: "These images are like those that astronauts see from space. Take five to seven minutes and see if your group can identify these geographic locations. What identifying clues do you see? What is happening in the pictures to make these places look as they do? What is going on in picture 4?"

When it appears that all of the groups have identified the images, move into large group discussion: "For the remaining time, compare your findings with those of the other groups. Did you have the same answers? How do these pictures, taken from space, help us better understand our world?"

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