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1. Introduction
2. Latin America
3. North America
4. North Africa /
    Southwest Asia
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5. Sub-Saharan Africa
6. Russia
7. Europe
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Featured Lesson Plans

The following are the lesson plans featured in the classroom video segments. Not all material covered by the lesson plan was presented in the video segment. Depending on the file size of the lesson plan, it may take a few moments to come up.

View Ungennette Brantley Harris' lesson:
Gaza: The Two Perspectives

(Microsoft Word .doc or Adobe Acrobat .pdf)

View Cynthia Ryan's lesson:
The Gift of the Nile: Egypt and Its River

(Microsoft Word .doc or Adobe Acrobat .pdf)

View Sharon Goralewski's lesson:
How a Country's Boundaries Are Shaped

(Microsoft Word .doc or Adobe Acrobat .pdf)

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