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This workshop explores the cross-border region of Anglo-America, featuring case studies on El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, with accompanying commentary and classroom segments.

There are several options for planning your professional development. Check the program grid below and decide how much time you have to spend and whether you will be viewing Teaching Geography on videotape or broadcast live. (Find out when this program is broadcast on the Annenberg Channel, or how to purchase it on video.)

You can receive graduate credit only if you take all eight workshops and follow the requirements for two-hour sessions. Find out more about graduate credit.

Viewing Real-Time Broadcast (Two-Hour Session): Watch the full program, then do each of the activities.

Viewing Videotapes (One Two-Hour or Two One-Hour Sessions): Watch each video segment listed below, then do the related activity. If you can only meet for an hour, do Part 1 as one session and Part 2 as another. Please complete Part 1 before doing Part 2.

All times are approximate.
Watch the full program, then do each of the activities below.
Watch each video segment listed below, pausing after each one to do the related activity.
Watch full program
58 minutes
Do Getting Ready 1:
On the Border
15 minutes
15 minutes

Watch Introduction Part 1:
El Paso and Ciudad Juarez: Life on the Borderlands

29 minutes
Do Going Further 1:
Using the Standards
15 minutes
15 minutes
Do Getting Ready 2:
Lost in Space
15 minutes
15 minutes
Watch Introduction Part 2:
NASA: A Lofty View
29 minutes
Do Going Further 2:
Skill Builder
15 minutes
15 minutes

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Note: Readings are not included here. These should be completed prior to the workshop session. See Before You Watch for more information.

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