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1. Introduction
2. Latin America
3. North America
4. North Africa /
    Southwest Asia
5. Sub-Saharan Africa
6. Russia
7. Europe
8. Global Forces /
    Local Impact



Web Resources

Article: "Cameras, GPS integrated to fight illegal immigration"


Article: "Women Respond to a Shrinking Aral Sea"

Visible Earth
A searchable directory of NASA images.

National Council for Geographic Education
By clicking on the "standards" tab, you can view the 18 national geography standards.

Ask a Geographer

The Association of American Geographers site offers direct access to geographers willing to respond to inquiries about a variety of subjects.

Curriculum Resources

Mission Geography
Information on the Mission Geography program, including draft lesson plans, workshops and other resource materials.

National Geographic
This site features lesson plans, maps, books, etc., and under "teacher community" tab, has links to and address listings for all state geography alliances.
Apply online for teaching grants. /lessons
Engaging lesson plans categorized by grade level and national geography standards used.

Massachusetts Department of Education
Curriculum standards for Massachusetts.

New York State Department of Education
This page links to all state social studies curriculum standards.


Print Resources

Classroom Instruction that Works, Research-Based Strategies for Increasing Student Achievement, (2001), by Marzano, Pickering, and Pollack, ASCD, "Generating and Testing Hypotheses," pp. 103-111.

Creating Interactive Environments in the Secondary School (1993), by Stover, Neubert, and Lawlor, National Education Association, pp. 11-26.

Web Resources

Christian Science Monitor
Coverage of world news and culture.

An excellent source for volcano information and activities, featured in Carole Mayrose's classroom.

Massachusetts Department of Education
Curriculum standards for Massachusetts.

National Geographic
These sites feature many valuable resources and information on geographic topics.

Article: "Sicilians Take Grumpy Mount Etna in Their Stride"

Record of Tungurahua's Activity

Curriculum Resources

Volcanoes Online
This site offers information, comics, and games having to do with volcanoes.


Print Resources

GIS in Schools, Richard Audet and Gail Ludwig, ESRI Press, 2000.

Edge City: Life on the New Frontier, Joel Garreau, Anchor Books, 1991.

Web Resources

United States Department of Commerce Census Bureau
This site has demographic data from the census available for downloading, data broken down by subject matter, and a guide to printed publications.

City of San Antonio
This site features sections detailing city growth and management policies and plans, featured in Phil Rodriguez's classroom.

San Antonio Master Plan
This site features information on the master plan for San Antonio's urban design, natural resources, and economic development, among other things.

The City and County of Denver
Under the "Searchables" section can be found Denver Maps, including Enterprise Zone maps similar to those used by Rick Gindele.

Digital Divide Project

Curriculum Resources

This site offers information on GIS as well as lesson plans, teacher discussion forums, and educational opportunities for teachers who want to learn to use GIS.
This page contains information about GIS for schools and libraries.

National Center for Geographic Education and Analysis
This consortium conducts research in education and geographic information science, including GIS.

Lesson Plan - Planning for a City's Future
Lesson Plan - Life on the Edge, Cities on the Fringe

Regional Layers: Low Tech Geographic Information Systems

Lesson Plan - Urban Sprawl Activity\earthpulse\sprawl\index_flash.html/


Print Resources

At the Entrance to the Garden of Eden: A Jew's Search for God with Christians and Muslims in the Holy Land (2001), Yossi Klein Halevi, William Morrow & Co.
Given the inseparable nature of religion and state in the Middle East, Halevi asks whether the common bonds of faith among Jews, Muslims, and Christians can heal the wounds that politics cannot.

A History of God: The 4,000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam (1994), Karen Armstrong, Ballantine Books.
Armstrong traces the circuitous road to monotheism, showing how Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have overlapped and influenced each other.

Islam: A Short History (2000), Karen Armstrong, Modern Library.
Armstrong discusses the roots of Islam, its expansion into a political empire, clashes with Western crusaders, the debacle of European colonialism, and how Islamic fundamentalism has become a present-day, worldwide phenomenon.

Web Resources

The Year in Jerusalem: Inside Out
This website allows you to listen to radio broadcasts of various documentaries about the conflict in Jerusalem. Photographs, maps, commentary, and news are also available through this site.

Article: "Water and Peace in the Middle East"

This site offers updates on news, tourism, and geography as well as a searchable database for information about Palestine.

Nile Basin Initiative Home Page

Egypt Department of State
This site presents topical information on Egypt and the Toshka canal project.

The Ancient Egypt Site
Recommended by Cynthia Ryan as a good source of background information on early Egypt.


Web Resources

The World Bank: HIV/AIDS

AllAfrica Global Media
AllAfrica Global Media is the leading provider of African news and information worldwide, through news feeds to institutional and agency clients and through

World Health Organization

Article: "AIDS Study In Africa Could Have US Benefits"

Time Magazine,9263,1101010212,00.html
This URL links to a Time Magazine dealing with issues of the Third World, including a special report called "The Hands of Death: Scenes from the AIDS front."

Population Reference Bureau (PRB): 2000 World Population Data Sheet
PRB's popular World Population Data Sheet, in a wallchart format and a
12-page book edition, contains the latest population data.

Article: "AIDS' staggering toll in Africa"

Article: "Parts of Africa Showing HIV in 1 in 4 Adults"
This article includes excellent maps.

World Population Profile: 1998
"World Population Profile: 1998 is the latest published compendium and analysis of data on population, fertility, mortality, contraceptive use and related demographic topics by the U.S. Census Bureau. The Special Focus section of the report provides an update on one of the fundamental international health and demographic events of our time--the worldwide HIV/AIDS pandemic."

Report: The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Population Growth in Africa

Report: Data and Decision-making: Demography's Contribution to Understanding AIDS in Africa

Article: "HIV Epidemic Slowing Population Growth"

AIDS in Africa
This website offers questions and answers regarding AIDS in Africa, providing a general overview on the issue.

AIDS Foundation of South Africa

Article: "New Cases of HIV Decline in Africa for First Time"

Ongoing Report: Death Watch: AIDS, Drugs and Africa
Useful Graphics:
Global Map and Table: AIDS in the Year 2000
AIDS Diffusion in Africa over past 15 years
The Rising Death Curve

UNAIDS: United Nations Programme on AIDS/HIV
This site of the United Nations Programme on AIDS/HIV links to several interesting articles, including:
Article: "AIDS in Africa"

MSNBC's AIDS in Africa: A Deadly Epidemic Sweeps the Continent
This site has an excellent slide show along with statistics. The pictures are very disturbing.

Curriculum Resources

Article: "Geocaching: High-Tech Hide-and-Seek"
This article sheds light onto the function and use of a Global Positioning System (GPS) unit through a game.


Video Resources

The Power of Place: World Regional Geography, (2000), Cambridge Studios for Annenberg Media, Video Program 8, "Central and Remote Economic Development." Go to

Print/Video Resources

Geography: Realms, Regions and Concepts 9th edition (2000), de Blij and Muller, Chapter 2: "Russia."

A Teacher's Guide to Performance-Based Assessment in Geography (1999) National Geographic Society, "An Explanation of Performance-Based Assessment," pp.7-10.

The Case for Constructivist Classrooms (1993) J. Brooks and M. Brooks, "Some Guiding Principles of Constructivism," pp. 35-38.

Educational Leadership (November 1999), "Courage to be a Constructivist," J. Brooks and M. Brooks, pp. 18-25.

Journal of Geography (August 2000) " Industrialization and Economic Development in Advanced Placement Geography," Adrian Bailey, pp. 142-153.

Understanding by Design (1998) ASCD, "The Six Facets of Understanding," Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe, pp. 44-62.

Web Resources

Article: "Roots of Chechen Rebellion Embedded in Russian History"

Chechnya Links
This page offers over 300 links to pages regarding Chechen politics, including articles, government websites, and photo galleries.

Chechen Republic Online
This site offers many resources, including images, maps, article, and history.

Curriculum Resources

Lesson Plan - Understanding the Kosovo/a Conflict
A lesson on media bias, based on the Kosovo Conflict. Includes links to many articles and National Public Radio sound clips.

Lesson Plan - Yugoslavia Returns from International Isolation
Through this lesson, students will evaluate different perspectives on the transfer of power in Yugoslavia, discuss international organizations' roles in the rebuilding of Yugoslavia, examine the past conflict and evolving events in the restoration of the Yugoslav government, and relate the conflict in Yugoslavia to similar conflicts and peace processes in the world.

Lesson Plan - NATO and Russia: Will the Expansion of NATO Cause a New Cold War?
In this role-playing lesson, students act as part of a delegation to a special meeting of the NATO sponsored Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council. They discuss inviting a number of the independent republics of the former Soviet Union to become permanent members of NATO.

Lesson Plan - Peter the Great
Through this activity, students adopt the persona of Peter the Great in order to understand how his travels affected Russia's modernization and European influence. Provides ideas for urban planning lessons based on St. Petersburg as well as suggested readings.

Lesson Plan - Russia Interactive Lesson
In this lesson plan, students first view websites in order to trace the history of the Russia since the Soviet Union. Then, playing the roles of presidents of an international corporation, students write memos about opening a branch in Russia.


Print Resources

Journal for Staff Development, (Fall, 2000), "Peak Experience," by Robert Garmstron, pp. 58-64.

Journal of Geography, (August, 2000), " Cultural Patterns and Processes in Advanced Placement Human Geography," pp. 111-119.
Journal of Geography, ( August, 2000 ), "Cities and Urban Land Use in Advanced Placement Geography," pp. 153-168.

NEA Journal (May 1969), " Check Your Inquiry Teaching Techniques," Mary Sugrue and Jo A. Sweeney, pp. 43-46.

Social Education (March 1997) "Using the Geographic Perspective to Enrich History," Sarah Bednarz, pp. 139-143.

Educational Leadership (January 1983) "The Art and Craft of Teaching," Elliot Eisner, pp. 6-13.

The Case for Constructivist Classrooms (1993), ASCD, Jacqueline and Martin Brooks, 128pp.

Educational Leadership (November 1999) "The Many Faces of Constructivism," David Perkins, pp.6-13.

Web Resources

Report: The Berlin Wall: Ten Years After
Includes photos, news updates, and links to other resources.

Guide for Amsterdam tourism and travel.

SimCity is a game in which players plan cities. Play and chat online through this website.

The European Union

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
This website offers information on NAFTA and a link to the entire agreement.

The Council of Europe$t/1-1-1-1/EMB1.asp

Article: "Walter Schwimmer: Berlin Wall is still to be brought down in people's minds"

Curriculum Resources

World Cultures Curriculum Kit: The Material World, Families around the World (2000) Poster Education, Item 10-6342, at

Journal of Geography (Sept/Oct 2000) " Teaching Social Justice: Reviving Geography's Neglected Tradition," Christopher Merrett, pp. 202-218.

The Berlin Wall System
Berlin Wall interactive activity.

Newseum: The Berlin Wall
Includes "Two sides, One story," a presentation about news transmission on either side of the wall.

Lesson Plan - Industry: Where and Why?
Using a series of maps of Europe, students investigate the relationship between major industrial centers and population centers.

Lesson Plan - Mock Environmental Summit
In this activity, students simulate an environmental Summit, using pertinent data they have collected about Europe. Along the way they will also observe the difficulties involved in solving environmental problems while maintaining a global consensus.

Lesson Plan - The Euro or the European Monetary Unit
In this lesson, students analyze the benefits that one large European Union has over smaller individual countries and the effect the Euro will have on Western Europe.

Lesson Plan - The European Union: A Political Model for the Next Millenium?
In order to view this lesson plan, you must first join Education Planet. Membership is free and includes access to their database of lesson plans. In this lesson, students are first introduced to the European Union and then assume the roles of member nations in a cooperative problem-solving exercise.


Print Resources

Social Education (March 1997) "Technology and the Social Studies," pp.147-150.

Learning Through [Inquiry] Geography (1993) NCGE, Frances Slater, 227pp.

The Teacher Educator (summer, 1991) " Using Inductive Learning to Construct Content Knowledge," Gloria A. Neubert and James B. Binko, pp.31-38.

Educational Leadership (January 1990) "The Structural Approach to Cooperative learning," Spencer Kagan, pp. 12-18.

Journal of Geography (August 2000) "Population in Advanced Placement Human Geography," Martha Sharma, pp.99-111.

Journal of Geography (December 2000) "An Approach to Teaching Applied GIS," John Benhart, Jr. pp.245-254

Educational Leadership (January 2001) "Educational Demographics: What Teachers Should Know," Harold Hodgkinson, pp. 6-11.

Teaching Geography in the Disciplines (1996) Phi Delta Kappa Fastback, James B Binko and Gloria A. Neubert, 64pp.

Fieldwork in the Geography Curriculum (2001) NCGE, Gwenda Rice and Teresa Bulman.

Journal of Geography (March/April, 1995) "Using Inquiry to Enhance the Learning and Appreciation of Geography," Phil Klein, pp. 358-367.

Wetlands: Science, Politics, and Geographical Relationships (1994) NCGE, Benhart and Margin.

Water in the Global Environment (1992) NCGE, Marvin Waterstone, 57pp.

Every Drop For Sale: Our Desperate Battle Over Water in a World About to Run Out, Jeffry Rothfelder, Penguin Putnam, Inc., 2001.

Web Resources

The Londonderry School
Teacher Mary Pat Evans' school.

Mary Pat Evans' students' projects using GIS and GIT

GIS at the Londonderry School

International Forum on Globalization
Join activists, scholars, economists, researchers, and writers as they discuss the consequences of globalization.

Management of Social Transformations Programme
This site provides extensive information and links on a variety of comparative social science topics.

NikeWatch Campaign
Includes reports on factory conditions, news updates, and information on how you can get involved in persuading Nike to respect workers' basic rights.

Antone Minthorn Presentation
Transcript of "Cooperation in Natural Resource Management: The Umatilla Basin Success Story &Treaty Rights Can Benefit Non-Indians Too," presented by Antone Minthorn, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation at the Who Owns America Conference.

Article: "Overfishing Long Ago Tied to Modern Ecosystem Collapse"

Article: "Geographic Launches Project to Promote Protection of US Rivers"

The Umatilla Basin Project
Includes details about the Umatilla Basin conflict and resolution.

Bartram's Garden
Marlene Brubaker's students take a field trip to Bartram's Garden.

Curriculum Resources

Social Education (March 1997) " A Trip to Historic Philadelphia on the Web," Elizabeth Wilson, pp. 170-172.

Residential Water Conservation Techniques
This website offers a simple interactive program on water conservation.

Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access
Geography Action! is an annual conservation and awareness program designed to educate and excite people about natural, cultural, and historic treasures. Each year they celebrate a different topic related to conservation and the environment.

Video Resources

Learning Science Through Inquiry, (2000), Thirteen/WNET New York with the Education Development Center (EDC) for Annenberg Media, Video Program 6, "Bring It All Together: Processing for Meaning During Inquiry." Go to

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