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1. Introduction
2. Latin America
3. North America
4. North Africa /
    Southwest Asia
5. Sub-Saharan Africa
6. Russia
7. Europe
8. Global Forces /
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From: Glenda E. Wheatley (
Date: Mon Apr 07 2003 - 13:39:19 EDT

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    I teach 9th grade World Geography and have been going through the workshop. I not only found lesson plans and resources that help with my thematic units but I have offered to lead this workshop in the fall for new geography teachers at my school. I feel that this would better equip a new teacher to our school to better teach geography in a meaningful way. I would like to get some feedback from some of you who have led this workshop as I prepare to write a proposal for my assistant principal in charge of curriculum so that I know what to expect.

    Glenda Wheatley
    Loganville High School

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