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Teaching Geography: Teacher Talk

From: Cheryl Guy (cguy@svh.richland2.org)
Date: Wed Feb 19 2003 - 09:19:55 EST


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    I have had great success using GIS with my students using the "Mapping Our World" program from ESRI. It is very affordable (under $100) and the lessons are written by real classroom teachers. They provide step by step instructions (with pictures) for the students to follow. There are 7 modules and each has 3 investigations. Almost all of the data is included on the CD. In cases where it isn't, the students are directed how to obtain it from the Internet. For example, in one investigation, my students downloaded maps of our county along with census data about age groups - to investigate which neighborhoods had high numbers of young children, elderly, etc... I can't say enough good things about the program - and I'm not paid by ESRI!!! I'm a regular geography teacher at a suburban high school in SC.
    Cheryl Guy
    Spring Valley High

    >>> hillsmh@gvltec.edu 02/14/03 12:53PM >>>
    I was facinated with the work Mr. Sarnoff did with GIS in the High School.
    We have some GIS capability
    here at Tech, but it is very limited. I am considering doing something
    similar, but getting
    the various maps from the local city planner. Putting them on transparencies
    and then overlaying
    them to see where things are overlapping. This should work with a chapter
    on population, by
    tieing it to local situations. We have had tremendous inmigration in recent
    Suzy Hill
    UT 240 x-8361



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