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Teaching Geography

An eight-part professional development workshop for 7th-12th grade teachers

Why do people migrate? Which neighborhoods should receive federal funding? How does place influence the spread of disease? Should water resources be used for salmon or potatoes? These real-world questions form the basis of solid geographic inquiry for geographers, teachers, and students. Now, Teaching Geography offers a foundation in geographic content and inquiry learning that readily translates into engaging lessons for the classroom.

Highly integrated with Geography for Life: The National Geography Standards (1994), Teaching Geography provides seventh- through 12th-grade teachers with a standards-based foundation in geography content and inquiry-based teaching skills. This foundation allows teachers to create and use lessons that encourage higher-level analysis and critical thinking among students.

Teaching Geography combines the following in an inventive and effective course:

  • Video case studies from around the world drawn from the Annenberg Media telecourse, Power of Place: World Regional Geography, specially updated for this workshop series
  • Video documentaries of innovative lessons modeled by exemplary teachers nationwide
  • Commentary by leading geography and pedagogy experts
  • On-site activities that help you share ideas with your peers
  • A coordinated web site with additional maps and interactive material

The video case studies feature rich material on locations worldwide, often following geographers in the field, providing dramatic portraits of the powerful effects that geography has on our lives. Classroom segments show real teachers across the country using inquiry lessons to develop both basic geography skills and critical thinking in their students.

This series clarifies both the regional and human thematic geographic perspectives; and provides insight and preparedness for teaching the new AP Human Geography course.

If you are teaching geography in grades 7 through 12, Teaching Geography is for you.

Teaching Geography has received the endorsement of the Geographic Education National Implementation Project (GENIP), the coalition of the leading geography education organizations in the United States, and developer of the National Geography Standards. GENIP members include The Association of American Geographers, The National Council for Geographic Education, The National Geographic Society, and The American Geographical Society.


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