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Science in Focus: Force and Motion
About the Workshops
1. Making an Impact
2. Drag Races
3. When Rubber Meets the Road
5. Keep on Rolling
6. Force Against Force
7. The Lure of Magnetism
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Workshop 4: On a Roll

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Hosts holding ball

"How High Will a Ball Bounce?"

We joined Joanne's class midway through the Balls and Ramps unit. Her students had already had many opportunities to explore the behavior of balls, and had even done an activity to explore how well different balls bounce. So, why do some balls bounce higher than others? The bounce depends on the ball's construction, the material it is made from, the surface that the ball hits, and even its temperature. You can explore this idea further at:


Workshop 4's Featured Classroom

Laurel Lake School, Fall River, Massachusetts, Grade 1,
Teacher: Joanne Aguiar


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