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Science in Focus: Force and Motion
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1. Making an Impact
2. Drag
3. When Rubber
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5. Keep on
6. Force Against Force
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[Channel-talkforce] MIAMI-DADE PARTICIPANTS - Discussion List for Force & Motion

From: Crespo, Roberto G. <[email protected]>
Date: Fri Mar 17 2006 - 15:42:50 EST

Dear all,
For the second workshop, in the training guide there is a research activity relating to auto safety devices and how forces and motion play a role in their design. If this activity is given to students in class could it be considered a lab activity or would it be a research report? If you don't consider it a lab, any ideas on modifying the concept to make it a lab activity?
Roberto Crespo
PS. I was a little skeptic about doing a course over the internet; however, so far I am very impressed with the workshop!

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