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Science in Focus: Force and Motion
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1. Making an Impact
2. Drag
3. When Rubber
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5. Keep on
6. Force Against Force
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From: [email protected]
Date: Mon Mar 31 2003 - 20:38:47 EST

  • Next message: valeriebee: "[Channel-talkforce] Force and Motion Workshop"

    I am curious, as I've noticed as some other participants have been about
    the grouping of students. I have noticed in the four workshops I have
    watched so far, that the groups are primarily same sexed. This seems to go
    against what we as teachers are being told to do. Is this a new practice
    that has given rise to the fall of heterogeneous groupings?<

    How students are grouped depends more on what you are having them do than
    on the number or composition. When I was in the classroom, I found that for
    experimental work, groups of two worked best. For sense-making or problem
    solving, I found that groups of three were most effective. I allowed same
    sex groups for the former but never for the later. There is quite a bit of
    information in the physics education literature about cooperative or
    collaborative grouping.

    The following article on the ENC web site might be a good place to start:

    "Student Learning Groups that Really Work"


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