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Workshop 5. Energy in Food

All life forms use energy. In this session, explore the transfer and conversion of the potential energy in food, and see how that energy is stored. Through animations, witness photosynthesis, the process by which plant cells capture the ultimate energy source for all food—sunlight.

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Program Questions


1. Where do we get energy?

All of our energy for life comes from food.

2. How do we get energy from food?

Digestion breaks food down to nutrient molecules. Nutrient molecules then move to all the cells in the body The process of respiration releases all the energy stored in these molecules.

3. Which foods give us the most energy?

Foods high in fat contain the most energy.

4. Where does food get energy?

The Sun is the original source of all the energy in our food.


WWWFurther Explanations


1. Digestion


2. Respiration


3. Metabolism


4. Burning

Toy Car

5. Photosynthesis


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