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From: Amy Oliver (aoliver@sith.alleganisd.org)
Date: Wed Oct 23 2002 - 12:29:35 EDT

  • Next message: Larry Sherer: "Re: [Channel-talkenergy] Forms of Energy Discussion"

    My understanding is that when you talk about energy, one of the main
    ideas is that energy is a property of substances and that most change
    involves energy transfer. When you look at your list, these are types
    of ways energy is transformed. Mechanical energy is the energy
    associated with the movement of objects such as a wind up toy or an
    oscillating fan and would probably be the same as motion that you
    listed. Others you could include would be electric (energy associated
    with electricity), magnetic (energy associated with magnets and
    mechanical energy), and sound energy (energy associated with sound).
    Examples of magnetic energy could be a compass (needle moving to point
    North) and an example of sound energy could be using a tuning fork to
    move water through vibration.
    Amy Oliver
    Allegan County Math & Science Center
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    [mailto:channel-talkenergy-admin@learner.org] On Behalf Of Petersons
    Sent: Tuesday, October 22, 2002 7:43 PM
    To: Class Energy
    Subject: [Channel-talkenergy] Forms of Energy Discussion
    I have formed a list of different forms of energy. Anyone know if I am
    missing any or if I have some that should not be on this list.
    Also, what is Mechanical? Is it just another word for Kinetic?

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