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NOTE: To participate in this activity, you will need the Flash plug-in for your browser. If your browser did not come with Flash, you can download it for free from Macromedia.com

Complete Run-Through (watch this first)

Cat-Traption Activity


At several points in the Energy workshops we illustrate energy principles with the "Cat-Traption." This "Rube Goldberg" style machine incorporates most types of possible energy transfers and conversions into a chain reaction. The action starts with a cat playing with a feather and ends - several steps later - with the cat happily feasting on the edible results. Here is an animated version of the Cat-Traption for you to enjoy and to help you test your understanding of how energy can travel and change.

You can watch a Complete Run-Through of the animation as many times as you wish. When you have become familiar with the steps in the chain reaction, you can move on to the Cat-Traption Activity. This animation will pause at several points and pose questions. When you answer, you will be given more information. Enjoy and learn!

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