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From: Kristie Kinneberg <hakr0505_at_gmail.com_at_learner.org>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2014 16:53:58 -0600

Everybody dislikes paying taxes. The scary part is is how many people out
there think that they get nothing (or nothing worth wile) for the taxes
they pay. During the unit on monetary and fiscal policy, the teacher can
really show students what they are getting for their money and how their
lives could be affected if they paid less/more taxes or if Congress decides
to spend less/more money in certain areas. I think this will make monetary
and fiscal policy very informative for students and give them an idea of
how relevant these policies are in their lives. I would also think that
having a population that is aware of what taxes are and what we get for
them (especially when compared to other countries) will make them more
proactive in voicing their concerns to their elected representatives.
Creating better informed citizens in one of the primary reasons I went into
teaching. I think that there are far too many misconceptions out there
about how our tax dollars are spent and how that spending impacts our
lives. I think that it will be an eye opener for students to see that they
actually get a lot for their taxes. It also opens the conversation about
what to do when you do not agree with how your tax dollars are being spent.

Kristie Kinneberg

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