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[Teacher-talkeconomics] Session2

From: Kristie Kinneberg <hakr0505_at_gmail.com_at_learner.org>
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2014 13:37:56 -0500

Always honor classes? I am not an honor/AP class teacher (and I hope to
never be one). I am struggling with some of the activities shown in this
unit because they are targeted at honors level students. On top of that,
many of my students are not proficient in the English Language. The
activities shown in this session were pretty good, but they seemed above my
students. I would easily be able to adapt the cookie simulation for my
class, but the monopoly and cartel simulations would be harder for my
students. I could use a few good tips on how to teach these topics in a
lower level class. In particular, I was not a big fan of the monopoly
activity. It might be a product of not seeing the whole lesson, or just
jumping in for a day, but I felt that there was less learning going on in
that activity than in the first simulation of the session. I would like
some other ideas on how to simulate a monopoly that does not involve asking
a student to act like a bull. More to the point, I would like some ideas
for an activity that is more hands on for all students. Thanks!

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