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From: Scott Wolla (misterwolla@yahoo.com)
Date: Tue Jun 17 2003 - 13:35:47 EDT

  • Next message: Scott Wolla: "[Channel-talkeconomics] video #2 - Why Markets Work"

    I enjoyed the video program. I plan to use the Tragedy
    of the Commons in my unit on Public and Private goods.
    When giving examples, I plan on using Chickens as an
    example of a private good - the reason there are
    millions of chickens is that they are private property
    and people have an incentive to ensure that their
    population increases rapidly over time. It certainly
    is not because they are smarter or are equipped by
    nature with special survival skills.

    I also enjoyed the exercise in trade and measuring and
    comparing the level of satisfaction that results after
    each round of trade. It is a great example of the
    benefits of free trade and reasons for taking down
    trade barriers. My only concern with this exercise is
    that I teach 5 sections of Economics and usually have
    over 100 hundred students. I don't have the money to
    prepare 100+ bags of trade goods each semester. I can
    tell that students that they cannot keep the trade
    items, but that takes some of the incentive out of the
    exercise. Any suggestions or comments????

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