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Conversations in Literature
Conversations in Literature — Workshop

Individual Program

1. Responding
as Readers

2. Envisioning

3. Stepping In

4. Moving Through

5. Rethinking

6. Objectifying
the Text

7. The Stances
in Action

8. Returning to the

Support Materials

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Key Points

Learning Objectives

Background Reading

Homework Assignment

Classroom Connection

Ongoing Activity
Additional Reading

Key Points

  When stepping out and rethinking what one knows, readers leave the text world and revisit their own world, in order to rethink their own lives.

  Some texts strike a chord within us, illuminating our own life experiences, choices, decisions, and actions.

  Readers use the text as a springboard to ask questions that focus on their own lives. In doing so, readers learn from the texts and extend their envisionments.

  The process of stepping out and rethinking what one knows does not occur as often as other stances. This stance requires that readers make a personal connection to the text.

  During the conversation in this program, the readers make a connection to Hamlet based on its themes of familial relationships and parental expectations.

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