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Activities and Discussion

Activity: Identify what students are learning in different performance tasks.

Analyze performance tasks. (20 minutes)

Print and distribute several of the sample performance tasks and criteria (below, in PDF format). In pairs, small groups or as a whole group, read the through a task and discuss the following question:

  • What skills and knowledge are needed by the students to successfully complete the performance task?

Develop criteria for judging students’ performance. (30 minutes)

Print and distribute several of the sample performance tasks (below, in PDF format), folding them so that participants cannot see the criteria on the lower half of the page.

In pairs or small groups, read a task, and identify the criteria you think are appropriate for evaluating students’ understanding and accomplishment.

Sample Performance Tasks

Performance Tasks for a Unit on Mythology: Daedalus & Icarus
Dance & Language Arts
Music & Language Arts
Theatre & Language Arts
Visual Art & Language Arts


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