Teacher resources and professional development across the curriculum

Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum

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Additional Resources

Web Resources

Integrative Curriculum in a Standards-Based World
An article suggesting how middle schools can reap the benefits of genuine student-centered, integrative curriculum and instruction

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
The National Board’s influential teaching standards, including early adolescent generalist standards

What Makes Interdisciplinary Teams Effective?
An article identifying the practices that teams engage in and how this influences instruction and student learning

Print Resources

Buckley, Francis. Team Teaching: What, Why and How? London : Sage Publications, 1999. ISBN: 0761907440

This book covers the nature, purpose, types, history, and evaluation of team teaching, as well as the resources needed and the roles of teachers, students, and administrators.

Burnaford, Gail, Aprill, Arnold, & Weiss, Cynthia. (Eds).Renaissance in the Classroom: Arts Integration and Meaningful Learning. Mahwah , N.J. : Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2001. ISBN: 0805838198

A nuts-and-bolts guide to arts integration across the curriculum in grades K-12, describing how students, teachers, and artists get started with arts integration, and then go beyond the typical “unit” to engage in the arts throughout the school year.

Danielson, Charlotte. Enhancing Student Achievement: A Framework for School Improvement. Alexandria, Va. : Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development; 2002. ISBN: 0871206919

Using the four critical criteria for successful school improvement, Danielson outlines everything that educators have to do to ensure optimum student learning, including school organization, team planning, and teaching practices.


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