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Making Civics Real Workshop 8: Rights and Responsibilities of Students  
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Workshop 7

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Other Lessons

Legal Thriller Alternative: Trial Research

In this lesson created by the Constitutional Rights Foundation, students are given the option of selecting one of 21 trials from the period 1865 to 1993, writing a report about it based on a defined list of questions and a set of research tips, and making an interesting presentation about the case to the class... read more

Legal Thriller Book Review

This lesson, designed by JoEllen Ambrose, provides students with a list of 28 novels that are courtroom thrillers, or that feature a famous lawyer, judge, or particular aspect of the legal system. With the teacher’s permission students may also choose books that are not on the list. Students are expected to write a report using a defined format and participate in a Book Club discussion group... read more

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