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Making Civics Real Workshop 1: Freedom of Religion  
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Workshop 1

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Test Your Knowledge

Take this quiz to test your knowledge about the topics discussed in this workshop:

  1. If a student leads a prayer over the P.A. system before a football game between two public high schools which is approved by the school administration, the Supreme Court of the United States would probably:

    rule that it was allowed as long as the prayer did not favor a specific religion
    rule that it violates the first amendment of the constitution
    apply the "Lemon" test to determine the constitutionality of the action
  2. Freedom of religion in the United States constitution has two distinct parts. One of them is called the “establishment clause” and prohibits the government from establishing a state religion that all must belong to or abide by. The other part:
    guarantees the separation of church and state
    prohibits prayer in the public schools
    allows the recognition of national holidays such as Christmas
    ensures that all people will be able to practice their religion
  3. Which of the following activities has the court upheld as constitutional:
    a prayer delivered by a rabbi at a public middle school graduation ceremony
    a moment of silence at the beginning of the school day for the purpose of encouraging silent student prayer
    a student bible study club that meets on school grounds after school classes have been completed


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