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[Channel-talkcivics] Lots of good ideas and lessons

From: Alicia Ross <aliciar@echoes.net>
Date: Tue Jul 11 2006 - 15:51:11 EDT
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My name is Alicia Ross and I am a Social Studies teacher in New Milford, PA. I have completed just about all the course requires at this point. I really enjoyed the creativity of the workshops. I have done a fair share of Constructivist lesson plans and know the students really do get more out of those lessons than the traditional lecture, take notes, take the quiz or test and then forget just about everything.

I tweaked the last lesson in the series to my own class and I am very excited to implement it this fall. I am already thinking of ways to do the budget lesson as part of the executive branch units and the museum lesson plan as well. I was thinking about doing a museum project for a museum on the underlying principles of the Constitution. I would assign each group one of the principles and have them design that wing of the museum. I loved the service learning lesson and the election lesson as well. There really isn't one lesson that didn't excite me. I have already been talking to colleagues about this wonderful and affordable resource for teachers.
I would love to hear from other teachers as to how they plan on using some of the lessons and other materials. Teaching is far too isolated a professional too often.

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