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Fairdale High School
space holder Fairdale High School is located in the Jefferson County School District in Jefferson County, Kentucky, which includes the city of Louisville. Fairdale is a community just outside of Louisville, and the high school's 1200 students are either local residents of Fairdale or are bussed (30% of the student body) from downtown Louisville (17 miles away).
Fairdale H. S. has been committed to a process of self-study and school reform since 1986 when it became a Professional Development School. The school contains a Magnet Career Academy with a program in Public Safety Technology. This allows students to explore career opportunities in law enforcement, fire-fighting, and emergency medical technology.

Fairdale has been a member of the Coalition of Essential Schools since 1988. Programs are designed to promote academic achievement, intellectual growth, and enhanced self-esteem through rigor and personalized instruction.
Fairdale High School Exterior
Whittier High School
space holder Whittier High School is situated 25 miles east of Los Angeles, California, and serves approximately 1800 students from a wide variety of socio-economic backgrounds. All students live in the community and about 75% are Hispanic, 20% Anglo and the remaining 5% are Black, Asian or American Indian.
Whittier has been a member of the Coalition of Essential Schools for several years. The school community is committed to maximizing student potential by first establishing high expectations and then applying a variety of assessment and accountability models.

Teachers at Whittier are encouraged to grow professionally through collaboration, membership in Critical Friends Groups, and training in the use of educational technology.
Whittier High School exterior

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