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These eight workshop programs introduce key concepts about the arts and arts education. They are designed to be viewed sequentially:

  • Programs 1-4 present a unit of study that integrates four art forms: theatre, music, dance, and visual art. The unit of study is based on a multi-arts performance piece, Quidam, by the world-famous troupe Cirque du Soleil. Each program includes several lessons that build on each other, each with activities and discussion. You can use the lessons in this unit in your own classroom — this Web site includes PDF files of lesson plans and support materials.
  • Programs 5-6 demonstrate a step-by-step process for developing your own multi-arts curriculum unit, using the Quidam unit as an example. This Web site includes the plans and support materials you’ll need to use this curriculum design process in your own school.
  • Programs 7-8 explore practical experiences of using the arts in elementary school classrooms. Members of three Learner Teams — teachers and principals who participated in workshops 1-6 — are seen in their own schools, using what they learned and discussing their experiences.

In this workshop, classroom teachers and art specialist teachers will:

  • discover the power of a multi-arts curriculum;
  • incorporate the arts into your curriculum;
  • learn arts-based teaching approaches;
  • find classroom-ready ideas and lesson plans;
  • investigate a process for curriculum design that can help you teach the arts and other subject areas, more effectively, and
  • see teachers from three schools begin to bring the arts into their classrooms.

In eight one-hour programs, workshop leaders from the Southeast Center for Education in the Arts work with Learner Teams made up of educators from elementary schools in Arlington, Virginia; White Plains, New York; and Memphis, Tennessee. Each Learner Team includes the school’s principal, an arts specialist teacher, and two classroom teachers. You also will see examples of elementary school students working with the same material as the Learner Teams. In the last two programs, the Learner Teams apply what they learned to their own classrooms.

The Arts in Every Classroom: A Workshop for Elementary School Teachers is an eight-part professional development workshop for K-5 teachers. The workshop was produced by Lavine Production Group in collaboration with KSA-Plus Communications and the Southeast Center for Education in the Arts.

Graduate credit for this workshop is available.

A companion to the workshop is The Arts in Every Classroom: A Video Library, K-5. The video library is a series of 14 documentary programs showing classroom and arts specialist teachers using the arts in a variety of successful ways in elementary schools around the country.

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