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Artifacts and Fiction - Workshop in American Literature
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Masculine Heroes & Domestic Architecture     Literary Options
serial: #5798
Currier and Ives, HOME IN THE WILDERNESS (1870) courtesy of Library of Congress [LC-USZC2-2587].
(serial: #5798)

  Many of the prints that Currier & Ives mass produced during the 1800s were decorative popular art that also served as propaganda. This print captures the popular American ideal of self-reliance and individualism, and the sense of grand nationalism that fueled the expanding physical and economic borders of the country during its period of transition from New World settlement to nation state. See also: Manifest Destiny. Caroline Stansbury Kirkland. Frontier. Ralph Waldo Emerson. Log Cabin. Lean-to. Pioneers. Farm. Settlers.

What features of the log cabin have made it such an idealized housing form in American culture? What aspects of domestic architecture are emphasized in this print, which was created as a "look back" at an earlier, romanticized era? How are domestic spaces depicted by authors of frontier fiction such as Kirkland and Cooper—do they share the romanticized view in this image?

x A New Home – Who'll Follow?
Caroline Kirkland's sketches of frontier life offer both realistic and humorous depictions of Anglo-American experience.

The Last of the Mohicans
Perhaps the most widely known of James Fenimore Cooper's novels, this work frames the period of early American settlement through an Anglo-American character's relationship with Native Americans.

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