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Artifacts and Fiction - Workshop in American Literature
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Discipline Tutorial: Social History
Summary: Artifacts & Fiction
Discipline Tutorial
Social History & Literature

The discipline of social history focuses on the lives of ordinary people. Diaries, photos, music, and clothing are all clues to social history and the lives of ordinary people.

Discipline Tutorials are multimedia slideshows.
Each Discipline Tutorial slideshow contains numerous slides, each with 1-3 visual or audio artifacts. A narrative provides a close reading of each artifact, and relates the artifact to appropriate literary texts.

You can view the Discipline Tutorial Slideshows on the Artifacts & Fiction site, or you can download or edit them for future use.

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Item #3192
serial: #3192
Theodor de Bry, THE BROVVYLLINGE OF THEIR FISHE OUER THE FLAME (1590) courtesy of John Carter Brown Library at Brown University.

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