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The Science of Light
Where is the Player?IntroductionLight in ColorLaws of Light

By now, you should have some ideas about how shadows behave when there is more than one light casting the shadows. Here are some questions you might consider.

  • Why are some shadows darker than others?
  • Why are some shadows longer than others?
  • Are short shadows always darker? If so, why?
  • Why are none of the shadows completely dark?
  • If you turned off one light, what would happen?
  • Do some shadows have more than one position on the field?
  • How do you find the position based on the shadows? That is, what aspects of the shadows do you use?

Think about the preceding questions. Go back to the previous page if you need to try things out. Or read the background for some clues to how shadows work.

Now pick one question from the menu to answer. Then write your response in the text box.


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