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A Private Universe ProjectIn Class Activities
IntroductionWhat are Your Ideas?In Class Activities
Moon Journal Activity
Earth Moon Activity


Additional Resources
You can:

order "A Private Universe" video
order "Private Universe Teacher Workshops"

print a plan for using "A Private Universe" video in a teacher workshop
print a plan for using "A Private Universe" with high school students

view Quicktime video clips from "Private Universe Teacher Workshops"

For additional hands-on activities, lessons and curriculum, and resources in astronomy education, explore the following web sites of educational projects that have developed effective instructional materials.

Private Universe Teacher Workshops on The Annenberg Channel

Astro Adventures
Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Project ASTRO
Bad Astronomy
CERES Project
Exploratorium Learning Studio
Exploratorium Science Snackbook
Eyes On the Sky--Feet On the Ground
Hands-On Universe Project
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Jet Propulsion Lab Project SPACE
Live from the Hubble Space Telescope
Pacific Science Center

You can read more about these scientific concepts in these print resources:

Astro-Adventures is available from the Arches Giftshop, Pacific Science Center, 200 2nd Avenue, North, Seattle, WA 98109, (206-443-2001).

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