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Here's our problem:

There are five friends. For Valentine's Day, each friend gives each other friend a valentine. How many valentines are there altogether?

We know that 20 valentines is the answer. What was your approach to solving this problem? Some of us may have used the same method, and some of us may have used a different one. There is no one right way. Let's look at eight different solutions. They're all correct. See if one of them matches yours.

  1. List them all
  2. Do addition
  3. Draw points and arrows
  4. Make a star
  5. Make a grid
  6. Look for a pattern
  7. Use a formula
  8. Just do it

If you did something different, describe it here:


Which method was most like yours? Select an answer from the menu.

Which of the methods do you like the best? Select an answer from the menu.

Why? Write your explanation in the text box.



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